George Stroumboulopoulos

Born in 1961, George Stephanopoulos currently works as a news anchor for the ABC News. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable in American politics as he previously worked as a senior political advisor in the Bill Clinton administration.

In his career, George has co-hosted several politically biased programs at ABC News and has covered several popular political events. He also established and runs a popular blog at

Although he grew up in New York, George was born in Massachusetts to Greek parents who both worked in New York. George was a highly ranked wrestler in high school. After high school he pursued an undergraduate Degree in political science from Columbia University, New York. It is here that he started to build his career as broadcaster, working at the university's radio station where he used to broadcast and air events.

After emerging top of his class, George Robert Stephanopoulos later proceeded to the United Kingdom to pursue a degree course at the University of Oxford. He at the same time enrolled at Balliol College still in the United Kingdom and got a masters degree in Theology.

George was keep on continuing his career and gaining experience, and immediately after college, George was employed by Ed Feighan to work as a legislative assistant after which he was promoted to chief of staff. He held this position until he later joined the Clinton presidential campaign in 1992.After the elections in which Clinton won and became the president; George partially played the controversial role of the press secretary. This lead to a lot of controversy against him as he was not the appointed secretary and it lead to what some people call a demotion to the position of the senior Advisor on Policy and Strategy for the government. He later was appointed in the White house to serve as the Senior Communications Director. This was met with much controversy and also seen as a demotion. It did not deter George or affect his career, and in 1996 George resigned from the White House and published a memoir titled 'All too Human' about his experiences mostly with President Bill Clinton during his stay and interaction with him at the White House. It instantly became a New York Times Best seller.

At the same time just after leaving the white house, Stephanopoulos worked as a popular political analyst for the ABC News and thereafter appeared on several broadcasts. He participated largely on the 2008 political debate and largely contributed while still in ABC News where he works to date. George also airs several programs and mostly co-host many of ABC news affiliate stations. One of his most popular is where he co-hosts Good morning America.

While still working with ABC news, he has extended his education and received a Honorary Doctor of Laws from St. Louis University, New York.

George is a serious family man and is happily married to wife Alexandra Wentworth. They have two beautiful daughters and the family lives in Washington D.C.
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